A flash innovation in the temple of Gen Z! At the heart of the Citadium Caumartin shop, a 2.2-metre "video sphere" designed by AC3 Studio has been installed in the Atrium.

The installation of this spherical LED screen was carried out during the last lockdown, which made it possible to carry out some of the shop’s renovation work during the daytime. The work was completed in just four days, while it would have taken two weeks to complete at night. 
This innovation, which weighs almost 500 kilos, consists of transparent screens, high-definition LED modules and modular structures. It is designed to broadcast exclusive, interactive and entertaining content aimed at offering a 100% innovative experience to the store’s customers. 
Between flames, a basketball, a billiard ball, a robotic eye and other exclusive designs, the shop has plenty options to change its look every month!

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