The Printemps Group is governed by two bodies that work closely with each other – the Executive Committee and the Supervisory Board.


Directors, renowned for their expertise in the retail and luxury sector, work alongside the CEO as members of the Executive Committee.

The executive commitee


The Executive Committee is composed of the Chief Executive Officer and the directors of the Group’s nine operational and functional departments. Their role includes:

  1. Defining the strategic goals
  2. Overseeing the implementation of these goals
  3. Ensuring that the organisation is aligned to changes in the external environment

Learn more about the members of the Executive Committee, their backgrounds and their role within the Printemps Group.

The supervisory board

The Supervisory Board is composed of four members appointed by the sole shareholder of the company for a duration specified in the deed of appointment and, in the absence of such specification, without any limits on the duration.


The role of the Supervisory Board:

  1. Supervise the company’s business 
  2. The committee must be consulted on a given number of documents and projects, including investments, results and compliance with legal and internal audit standards

The Supervisory Board is given access to all financial data.