A thoughtful employer

At Printemps, we are committed to being a thoughtful employer and ensuring excellent health and safety standards and high-quality working conditions for employees at all our sites. The Group works hard to encourage diversity and to support talent development by providing professional training to its employees.

Printemps Academy—Training our employees throughout their careers

We created the Printemps Academy to consolidate the Group’s various in-house training programmes and make them more effective. From sales and retail excellence to product culture and digital technology, our employees can choose from an exhaustive training catalogue that is adapted to their needs. 

These training courses, some of which are provided by external institutions, are specifically designed to groom the next generation of sales managers, shop managers and sales coordinators. 

Notable examples of training courses include the sales manager training offered by the Paris Dauphine University, the "Sales Expert" course offered by ESMOD and the "Le Luxe c’est Vous" training programme offered by Luxury Attitude. By the end of 2018, 229 employees had received degrees from these three institutions.

Printemps is also committed to supporting youth training, and does so by offering them work-study placements and internships.


> Internship and work-study programmes within the Group

Health and well-being et Printemps

Osteopathy, sophrology, relaxation, yoga, self-defence, Pilates sessions… the Group offers all its employees well-being services at preferential rates so that they can take care of their physical and psychological health. 

We also propose many courses and workshops to encourage healthy nutrition habits. In our Lyon, Strasbourg, Rouen and Paris Nation stores, our employees can even ask for organic food baskets to be delivered to work. 

These initiatives are part of the "bien-être et convivialité au Printemps" programme ("well-being and conviviality at Printemps"), which aims to share the joy of working together at Printemps. Each employee is invited to participate at an event organised on the theme of well-being at least once a year. The themes include nutrition, sleep management, physical activity and mood management. To this end, the Group partners with occupational physicians, social workers, osteopathy schools, coaches and various other experts.

Let's read!

Printemps Group supports its employees' reading habits by providing them with free books through initiatives such as street libraries or book boxes. Thanks to these initiatives, dozens of books are exchanged every year.


The Group works with the École de la Deuxième Chance (E2C or "Second Chance School") to develop joint initiatives to tackle the challenge of school dropout. It also supports the training and development of young people without qualifications at its Printemps and Citadium stores, as well as at Group headquarters—an initiative that will soon be expanded to all of the Group’s stores across France. 

Teams from Printemps intervene in a variety of different ways, such as presentation of job profiles, job interview training, intern onboarding and skills assessments.

In 2018, 18 out of the 19 young people who completed E2C Paris found a job or started a professional training course.

The Printemps Group is also involved in initiatives aimed at the integration of disabled people and vulnerable groups. For instance, the Toulon store works with an ESAT (institution for the social and professional integration of disabled adults) for the maintenance of its park spaces and rooftop gardens. 

Finally, Printemps is involved in the fight against exclusion and poverty through in-kind donations to organisations such as Emmaus, The French Popular Relief, The French Red Cross, Les Papillons Blancs or the Fondation des Apprentis d’Auteuil. These actions illustrate the Group's commitment to encourage empowerment—a key pillar of its social commitment.

Printemps has been working with E2C Paris since 2017

Looking ahead—the "Retail together" program

One of our priorities is bringing together employees working at our headquarters and those working at our stores. We want to create new relationships and improve teamwork and operating efficiency. To this end, we’ve created a programme called "Tous Retail" in collaboration with our stores Printemps Italie 2, Haussmann, Louvre and Nation.

So, how does it work? Employees from our headquarters spend an entire day in a store during their integration programme, and then repeat the experience each year in order to meet in-store teams and our customers. This programme is part of a bigger strategy, one that will be gradually implemented across all of the Group’s activities by 2020.