Being a responsible actor

Being a responsible Group means integrating CSR into our governance so that we are fully compliant with regulations while also respecting business ethics, with the right crisis prevention and management policies in place. It means affirming the Printemps Group’s environmental commitment to reduce the direct impact of its activities: improving our raw materials and energy consumption, reducing waste and preserving biodiversity.



of product transport to our stores has been diesel-free since 2018

Electricity consumption: a decrease in all our stores

We are continuously monitoring and analysing our consumption to detect any potential anomalies. Low energy lighting and equipment are being installed in our buildings as well as speed variators in our ventilation units. Finally, we track best practices achieved at each of our sites in order to implement these across all our locations.

As such, in 2017, we reduced Printemps Haussmann's electricity consumption by almost 4% compared to 2016. Since 2013, it has been reduced by 14.6%, a decrease that continues to grow.

Additionally, the risks of increased consumption have been identified. They are mainly generated by the Sunday store openings and, for Printemps Haussmann, by the Printemps du Goût’s installations, for which a good deal of equipment runs 24 hours a day.

Evolution of Printemps Haussmann’s electricity consumption
Years 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Consumption (kWh) 30 887 998 28 922 966 28 641 078 27 448 119 26 383 472
Reduction vs 2013 / - 6,36% - 7,27% - 11,14% - 14,58%
Reduction vs N-1 / - 6,36% - 0,97% - 4,17% - 3,88%


Paper and water: reducing and optimising our consumption

Naturally, shopping bags play a large role in our activities. This is why, since 2017, all our bags are 100% made of FSC certified paper. Since 2018, they are also stamped with the Triman logo to encourage their recycling. Additionally, the amount of our paper printing is being carefully monitored. Between 2015 and 2018, the number of prints dropped by more than 25%, from 14.7 million down to 10.9 million.

Similarly, fountains connected to running water are being installed at the headquarters and back offices of the Group's stores to replace plastic bottles. This programme also includes the distribution of reusable Gobi bottles to the employees.

Waste: Recycling Optimisation

For several months, the Printemps Group has been working to improve its waste management practices.

We make sure that recyclable waste is correctly sorted and collected. This is why, for our headquarters, the Printemps Haussmann and Citadium Caumartin stores (all in Paris), the Group has signed a contract with recycling company PAPREC. The result is in constant growth thanks to the waste sorting awareness campaign conducted with our employees. In partnership with the company Cyclope, collection spots for cigarette butts have also been installed.

Since January 2018, 100% of the Printemps du Goût's food waste has been collected and recycled   through our partner Bionerval’s methanation facility, which employs people in rehabilitation.

One tree planted per eco-recycled phone

Electronic waste (WEEE) is collected, refurbished when possible and resold through Connexing and the Planete Urgence organisation. This initiative is part of a greenhouse gas emissions offset programme that plants one tree for each phone sold.

Transport and delivery: moving away from Diesel

Our goal has been to distance ourselves from diesel for product transportation and employee business travel. And since 2018, this has indeed been the case. 

Our logistics have adopted an environmentally friendly approach: between January and June 2018, 35% of our deliveries were carried out by cargo bike. In addition, boutique transfers, headquarters' courier deliveries, and the Printemps Haussmann store customer deliveries are now operated via

Additionally, the Printemps Haussmann as well as Citadium Caumartin and Champs Élysées' night deliveries are fully carried out by natural gas vehicles (NGVs). Finally, our stores in the south east of France (Marseille, Toulon, Cagnes and Miramas) have been making deliveries using rail transportation.

Our project for a better future: more green roofs in Paris

Faced with the challenge of preserving and developing biodiversity in an urban environment, Printemps Group has provided solutions to raise awareness among its customers and visitors. As a result, the Group recently signed the Paris Green Roofs Charter, which aims to create 100 hectares of green roofs in the city.

To turn this commitment into action, the terrace of the Perruche restaurant—inaugurated in June 2018—has been turned into an elevated garden and offers a breath-taking view of Paris’ most beautiful monuments.


The Printemps Group is actively committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The Group has formalised four policies to give these initiatives a solid, long-term foundation.


Goal: to reaffirm our outstanding practices and better meet social expectations concerning business ethics.


Goal: to make sure the Group’s partners receive fair treatment, to ensure the partners are chosen impartially and to foster trust-based relationships to work towards best practices.


Goal: to outline the environmental criteria to be systematically integrated into new real estate projects.


Goal: to define the health and environmental measures to be enforced on Printemps Group’s construction sites.