This year, Citadium is celebrating the art of living, gathering and celebrating together that is one of the greatest of Chrsitmas traditions.

To do so, chef Xavier Pincemin, winner of Top Chef, will host all the store's Christmas conent. The digital campaign will feature an ultra-contemporary family dinner, with a blended family symbolizing a generation that is challenging all conventions: a dynamic grandma, a Top Chef uncle, a model big sister and kids who are proud to be themselves!  Inspired by the iconic movie "Maman j'ai raté l'avion" to celebrate the most traditional and kitschy period of the year, Citadium is performing the family moments we all need so much after a year under lockdown and restrictions.

Alongside the campaign, Citadium is also presenting a new collaboration with Carhartt: an Advent calendar, wine cooler, apron, Christmas ornaments, mugs and shot glasses will be available at Citadium starting on 11/20.


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