The temple of youth culture continues to push the envelope through its recent collaboration with the electronic dance group Frequency, led by movement director Hflow. The film vibrates with wild energy and reflects the current mindset of today’s kids: a fury for life.


Boosted by the return of a strong electronic sound, the campaign highlights 7 dancers wearing the latest Dr. Martens models and with a choreography featuring tektonik, voguing and contemporary influences.

Lil Kika, Manuela Emrose, Marie Lvnz, Vision Gdsn, Thea x23, Alice Lemonnier and Téo Cellier create a relentless rhythm that translates Citadium’s intention to highlight the plurality and determination of youth culture.

The film is a tribute to freedom of expression. A cornerstone of this world, movement is featured heavily with a rotating tracking shot that takes the viewer along for the ride on a frantic spiral.

Citadium is pursuing its commitment to help talented people of all backgrounds grow and push themselves forward.

The Caumartin flagship store will soon host a massive event to kickstart its dynamic after the long months of the pandemic.


Copyright : Paco Biage, Hynd Mezaguer

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