Our Policies

The Printemps Group is actively committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. The Group has formalised four policies to give these initiatives a solid, long-term foundation.

Corporate ethics and commitments policy

Goal: to reaffirm our outstanding practices and better meet social expectations concerning business ethics.


This document has been distributed to all our employees to promote a common ethical standard across the company. It also provides them with a reference framework that is based on five fundamental principles.

  • Probity – to abide by laws and regulations
  • Equality – to be committed to respecting individuals and the rights of everyone
  • Integrity – to act honestly and independently to avoid conflicts of interest, and fight corruption
  • Loyalty – to protect the tangible and intangible assets of the Printemps Group
  • Confidentiality – to safeguard the confidential information provided by our customers and information pertaining to the Group's business activities

Our Corporate Ethics and Commitments Policy serves as a full-fledged user manual. It has been designed to be a compass that guides the actions and behaviour of all our employees. It also includes:

  • The six major international fundamental texts
  • The Group's commitments as a company and an integral economic actor within society
  • Practical cases that give our employees the means to assess a situation, adopt the right reflexes, ask the right questions and know the appropriate behaviour in various situations

Ethical Procurement and Responsible Partners Policy

Goal: to make sure the Group’s partners receive fair treatment, to ensure the partners are chosen impartially and to foster trust-based relationships to work towards best practices.


Our Ethical Procurement and Responsible Partners Policy is based on the Group's Ethics Policy and lays out the reciprocal commitments that are to be undertaken by the Printemps Group and its suppliers and contractors. These commitments are essential to a meaningful relationship and constitute the very basis of our purchasing contracts. 

This policy covers all the purchases of the Group—our brands, national and international brands offered by Printemps, Citadium, Place des Tendances and Made In Design, as well as all indirect purchases.


> Download our Procurement Policy (french only)

Our Environmental Policy

Goal: to outline the environmental criteria to be systematically integrated into new real estate projects.

This policy sets forth the main guidelines when it comes to the choice of materials, responsible energy and water use, and architectural and technical requirements. The policy draws inspiration from the High Environmental Quality (HQE) certification and BREEAM method and other good practices and regulations.

The document is composed of three parts—the Brand environmental policy, the Printemps environmental policy and the Programme environmental policy.

"The policy comes with a technical guide that summarises the necessary standards, definitions, methodologies and good practices. Designed as a toolbox, it helps integrate the requirements into new construction, renovation and development projects."

Ion Metulesco

Architecture, Engineering and Maintenance Director

The low impact construction policy

Goal: to define the health and environmental measures to be enforced on Printemps Group’s construction sites.

The policy enumerates the roles and responsibilities of each worker. It also emphasises the importance of the reduction of water and energy consumption as well as of waste differential management. Finally, it prescribes the limitation of construction-related disturbances (noise, dust, sludge, traffic) and pollution (soil, water, air).

This policy is a contractual document that is integral to our construction contracts. It concerns any company involved in our construction sites (site owners, subcontractors and co-contractors). Each company working with the Group that signs the policy is obliged to follow the obligations stipulated in the document.