CITADIUM  turns 20 this year. To celebrate its anniversary, the brand is getting a new look and unveiling its new e-commerce site.
CITADIUM’s new identity adopts a super fun and increasingly streetwear-focussed image.
The logo and typography are perfect examples of this renewal. The logo has been reworked to resemble a copyright sign, and the new typography has been redesigned in a “double vibe” spirit. It shifts between very serious and strict capital letters and references to French motorway signs.

As for the new site, it is full of fun animations, sort of “visual candies”. A hand places a product straight into a shopping basket, for instance, and a little hearts pop up when you “like” something, in a nod to today’s internet culture.


The general terms and conditions of sale, for example, are presented like the credits from Star Wars, with the text scrolling through a backdrop of outer space. The Shops page is brought to life with an interactive planet – the planet CITADIUM – a bit like Google Earth, created by Olivier Bémer and Julian Garnier and inspired by the film Powers of Ten (1968). You can zoom in to see the wool on a product in the shop and even go into the material, where you can see “Citadium  molecules”.


Another new feature of the website is the production of dedicated campaigns. The aim is to get away from street photos. The models smile, wear more inclusive looks and are more in line with the image of the clientele. Their outfits are available for immediate purchase.

Discover the new website HERE.

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