As part of the 20th anniversary of Citadium and the renovation of the Caumartin flagship store (Opera), new green initiatives have been put in place with the aim of making a rapid transition towards more responsible and committed stores.
To achieve this, significant changes have been made in the commercial approach of the brand and new guidelines have recently been issued. 

These include bags made from recycled materials; shop design elements made from recycled materials; and the elimination of plastic cups from the stores and from the headquarters. Employees have also been instructed to limit printing and to optimise the use of new LED screens, spheres and light panels.


In addition, a new dynamic has been implemented in the product selection process. Citadium has ended its various partnerships and collaborations with brands that use animal fur, making the brand 100% fur-free. 


Citadium is also becoming increasingly discerning in its choice of brands, lines and collections, notably by supporting brands with a genuine eco-commitment and by selecting the greatest number of products from green initiatives.


The shop thus welcomes a large number of new 100% green brands such as Veja, Colorful Standard, WoodWood, Overload, Dualist and Ecoalf.

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