The historic rotunda of the Bleu Coupole restaurant on Level 6 of Printemps de la Femme at Paris Haussmann received a detailed restoration to highlight its exceptional assets and open its doors to the public for private events by reservation.

Starting in 1910, this intimate space served as an immense tearoom reserved exclusively for women. Painted in 1924 by Gaston André (1884-1970), member of the Society of Decorative Artists, the murals of the rotunda transport visitors into an imaginary garden: a marvelous and idyllic landscape of palm trees and cherry blossoms inhabited by exotic birds.

The stylized Art Deco forms conjure up a dreamlike ambiance: the sky is illuminated with golden light emphasizing the direction of the rotunda which points to the rising sun, while the opaline luster combines floral and cloud motifs.

As though in a dream, the background of this Garden of Eden contains Paris and its iconic monuments, such as the Palais Garnier and the Eiffel Tower, which emerge as some of the most extraordinary details in this painting worthy of long contemplation.

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