Catherine Deneuve unveils Printemps' Christmas windows

The windows opening ceremony was hosted by CATHERINE DENEUVE, alongside LAURENCE NICOLAS, Managing Director of PRINTEMPS Haussmann and STÉPHANE ROTH, Communication, Marketing and Architecture  Managing Director of PRINTEMPS GROUP. 


This year, a special kind of magic is taking over Printemps : wishes from around the world are carried by messenger birds to Printemps Haussmann, where they can come true : « IT’S PAPER HOLIDAY, LET YOUR WISHES COME TRUE ». The eleven-window display presents four magnificent scenes :

  • “THE CALL FOR WISHES” with birds flocking together to collect wishes,
  • “PROCESSING THE WISHES”, a true  letter-making machinery with busy night owls processing the wishes,
  • “WAITING FOR WISHES”, where christmas messengers are gathered on wires above the Printemps Haussmann domes alongside FERRERO ROCHER© magic pyramids,
  • and finally, ”THE METAMORPHOSIS OF THE WISHES”, under the majestic Printemps Haussmann dome, where colorful birds are hard at work, preparing the gifts asked for in the visitors.

For almost 160 years, Printemps has been the ultimate shopping destination during the festive season in Paris. Its enchanting Christmas window display is a true benchmark, and every year delights several million people passing by the Boulevard Haussmann in Paris. This year, the windows have mobilized 150 staff over 3 weeks and requires 650 hours to set up 170 000 paper decorations designed by Mathilde Nivet, 3 400 m of fairy lights and 95 puppets.