For the European Heritage Days on 19 and 20 September, 2020, Printemps Haussmann is revealing its history, its backstage workings and its secrets to the public, including private terraces, secret rotundas, maintenance workshops and underground passages.

At the pace of a world in perpetual change, Le Printemps Haussmann has deployed its energy and creative force throughout its history to renew, develop, anticipate and move with the times.
Its history constitutes unshakeable roots and a rich heritage that provide a different perspective on Paris and the advent of modern trade at the end of the 19th century.
During the European Heritage Days, on the weekend of 19 and 20 September, Printemps will offer a unique tour, as well as a presentation of its activities and the Ecole de la 2e Chance de Paris, a school for the civic and professional integration of young people who leave the school system without a diploma or qualification, which the store has supported since 2017.
Private terraces, secret rotundas, maintenance workshops and underground passages: discover the history, backstage workings and secrets of Printemps Haussmann.
This year, the department store is offering new guided tours with 14 stops to discover Printemps Haussmann as it has never been shown before! 
From one of its terraces, with a 360° panoramic view of Paris, where the only visitors are the bees in its apiaries, to a discovery of the "Printemps des origines" (“Original Printemps”) and the facades listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments, via the floating stairs now closed to the general public, the visit will also focus on the store’s workshops and the employees who allow the it to open every day and welcome visitors for a unique shopping experience.
Another sight not to be missed is its sumptuous dome, crafted in 1910 by master glassmaker Brière, which recently underwent a meticulous restoration campaign to restore it to its original glory.

Printemps and the Ecole de la 2ème Chance de Paris
With more than 50 different professions, and in conjunction with the theme of the 2020 European Heritage Days ("Heritage and education: learning for life!”), Le Printemps Haussmann has decided to highlight the Ecole de la 2e Chance de Paris (E2C PARIS) and its commitment, initiated in 2017, to the professional integration of young people who leave the school system without a diploma or qualification. During workshop tours, visitors will discover E2C PARIS and its trainees in the department store.

This fruitful collaboration between E2C de Paris and the Printemps group has made it possible to welcome 54 young people without a diploma to E2C for internships designed to introduce them to various professions and expertise, with the support and guidance of the Group's teams. 

All of these young people from the Paris region were able to complete internships at Le Printemps Haussmann in the Maintenance, Logistics, Security and Printemps du Goût departments, the floors dedicated to French gastronomy on boulevard Haussmann, as well as in the Group's administrative and financial departments. To date, 52 of these young people have taken part in qualifying vocational training or have taken up employment.

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