Opening of La Maison Rose in Paris

On the 18th of June, 2019, three years after the opening of the first Maison Rose in Bordeaux, RoseUp opened its first "Maison Rose de Paris", during a ceremony attended by the French Minister of Solidarity and Health, Agnés Buzyn. 

Printemps has led several initiatives to support this association that works to support, inform and advocate for female cancer patients and survivors. Today, the Group has become one of the three founding members of the second Maison Rose in France, while also donating beauty products and decorative elements. Taking place on Wednesday, the 19th of June, the inauguration was attended by representatives of Printemps, including its President Paolo de Cesare, as well as Agnès Buzyn, French Minister of Solidarity and Health. 

The mission of this Parisian cocoon is to welcome female cancer patients in a warm and comforting environment, where they can talk with other women, feel pampered, exercise, share special moments and brighten their lives during or after their illness. La Maison Rose is a 230 m² "pink house" fitted out by a gifted interior decorator. This bright and inviting space is nestled behind Paris’ Viaduc des Arts, a former elevated railway converted into a tree-lined pedestrian walkway. 

This wonderful initiative is a perfect example of Printemps’ commitment in this area.


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