Printemps is continuing its reinvention by unveiling, after several months of work, the new format of its historic Deauville department store, designed as a concept store where different brand universes combine new items and services throughout each room of this remodeled Norman home. It is within this special setting that Printemps is offering this new 100% exclusive Printemps format:

  • A multi-product offer, selected to be discovered through each room in this Norman manor, designed as a joyful and colorful residential home
  • A decompartmentalized journey, combining the various fashion, accessory, beauty and decoration brand universes
  • Advisors, all Printemps employees, with training on all products, brands and services for personalized and holistic advice
  • A concierge service offering a wide range of services to make shopping a breeze

Just like its façade, the interior of the new Printemps Deauville was designed as a Norman home. Resolutely contemporary and joyful, the interior design takes inspiration from the historic codes of Printemps and the world of seaside resorts. In this way, the 1,200 sqm space across two floors reveals a series of rooms, each different from the next and with its own distinctive ambiance blending design and heritage through materials, furniture and merchandising.


The store’s product selection, 85% exclusive and resolutely premium, is decompartmentalized for the first time. For example, each room contains its own selection of fashion, accessory, beauty and decorative products, which reflect its ambiance. On the second floor, exceptional items take pride of place, notably with luxury watches, jewelry and “haute couture” beauty.