Made In Design



After more than a year's work, the Made in Design teams are pleased to unveil a brand new identity: a new logo, a new website, a new way of addressing customers, guided by the promise to bring joy and uniqueness to interiors.
The "Du style à..." concept goes beyond that of lifestyle, associating an attitude with a way of life. Since design is lived in everyday life, and the interior is the place of all creativity and free expression, Made In Design playfully explores the intimacy of four profiles mirroring its signature "four styles of living", through an inspiring campaign.

  • La Passionnée is the lover of beautiful pieces. She preserves, collects and passes on. In her large apartment, objects of all styles and eras accumulate, in a variety of materials, patterns and colors. This passionate collector hunts at flea markets, brings back objects from her travels and unearths them in galleries, turning her home into a veritable cabinet of curiosities.
  • A minimalist, l'Ultra Moderne optimizes her time, avoids the superfluous and cherishes luxury. The interior is immaculate and functional. His furnishings, chosen by a decorator, are statutory: several brands rub shoulders with pieces signed by the greatest designers known and recognized by his circle.
  • L'Essentialiste is close to nature. Attentive and committed, he favors short circuits. He left the frenetic city for a country life more in touch with himself and his values. This neo-rural lives in a farmhouse renovated in collaboration with an architect. His simple yet modern interior mixes designer pieces with rustic furniture.
  • Anticonformist, la Créative is sharp and uncomplicated. She exudes joie de vivre, both in her surroundings and in her home. Her apartment is a veritable manifesto of her world. She stands out for her unity of style, but allows herself visual accidents, marked by color, fantasy, rare pieces from design icons who inspire her or from her creative friends.