Printemps Haussmann is continuing to reinvent itself while restoring its heritage, in order to share its architectural history with visitors. Evoking an ascent to the heavens, the grand staircase connects one of the main entrances of Printemps Haussmann with the panoramic terrace of Le 7ème Ciel. This elegant and expansive new space, marked by a unique architecture with no visible pillars, creates the sensation of floating in the air.


From the outset, this space was intended to be a destination in its own right and a charming passageway where customers can slow down and take time to admire the mirrors placed on its landings, which accentuate space and light.


This reopening to the public gives customers a chance to rediscover the original charm of this staircase, which symbolizes the renewal of the department store as a site of experience and emotion.