Beaucoup à la folie

Printemps is making hearts race with “Beaucoup, à la folie”, a season of events to celebrate love running until 5 March !

Printemps is brimming with passion, helping the shy and bold alike to spread the love and good vibes. Partners, secret admirers, friends, grandparents and even pets—all deserve to feel the love this season !


Meetic and Printemps are teaming up to celebrate “ Beaucoup, à la folie ! ” by holding unique workshops and gourmet gatherings.

Prepare your best love letter by personalizing a crush cake for your sweetheart, learn how to blend an enchanting love potion and, for a delicious St. Valentine’s Day, discover a menu of dishes made with love at the Bleu Coupole restaurant – which will be known as Rose Coupole from February 1 through March 5 – at Printemps Haussmann.


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