Back to the roots for Printemps Le Havre !

This week marks a major step in the long and eventful history of Printemps Le Havre. The first location outside Paris to become affiliated with our central purchasing service in 1928, it has now regained its original status and independence through an extraordinary reversal of history.


Founded 160 years ago by Eugène Huet, it began under the name of “Boule d’Or,” which appeared between two lions on the majestic sign adorning its entrance. Destroyed by the bombings of 1941, the store was not rebuilt until 1954 using an original floorplan for the era. Finally, on August 1, 1958, its management was acquired by Printemps, whose name was definitively affixed to its façade.


Its curved architecture, originally transparent, stood apart from the rectangular buildings preferred by Auguste Perret. Now it stands as an icon and landmark of the city center.


We are extremely proud that this historical gem, which is classed as a UNESCO world heritage site, has become a protected building.

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