"Your only limits are the ones you put on yourself. Printemps offers a lot of opportunities—you have to take advantage of it."


Gestionnaire Achat Citadium

Citadium Supply Manager

3 years with Printemps


"I’ve had an atypical career—from hospitality, to purchasing and now supply"

"With a degree in hospitality, I started my career as Stock Manager. I joined Printemps Parly two years ago as a sales assistant with the additional job of monitoring incoming and outgoing flows via SAP Retail Store. I moved up to Printemps headquarters as a Men’s Fashion Assistant Supply Manager, and was trained to use SAP Retail Production and Excel. After a year and a half, I was appointed Women's Fashion and Fashion Accessories Supply Manager at Citadium."


"I am responsible for the store’s supply and its analysis"

"My roles are the following: the set-up of supply at the store, managing the inventory, tracking the products once in the store, ordering products and tracking deliveries. I am also in charge of the post-supply analysis. This task includes stock monitoring and restocking, as well as analysing the data that enables sales teams to boost their figures. I also manage the returns to suppliers at the end of the season."


"I have a lot of good memories at this company. One that stands out particularly is the broadcast of the World Cup matches"

"There was a real Citadium family spirit and we were all together, all teams combined. That placed us in a new situation outside of the classic work experience where we could easily meet and exchange with each other and share powerful life moments."


"Printemps in one word—family"

"If you were to ask me about Citadium, I would be tempted to give you the same answer. In fact, Citadium is all about unity and always moving forward with new ideas. This feeling is embodied by the special moments that bring us together to share our ideas."


"Your only limits are the ones you put on yourself"

"A lot of things are possible here—you have to take advantage of it. Printemps Group offers a lot of opportunities and, if you're interested, you should go for it. For instance, there is a Live My Life program that allows you to discover your colleagues' jobs. You have to jump into new projects to collaborate with other teams, get a global vision of the company, and create new contacts.

One day, I was talking to my former Parly 2 manager about my professional goals, and she said: 'Our only limits are those we put on ourselves.' That sentence has stuck with me ever since."