"I am responsible for our offer’s performance in terms of image, positioning and results for my designated market. I manage a portfolio of more than 100 brands."


Purchaser and Product Manager

Purchaser and Product Manager

7 years with Printemps


"At 35, I felt the desire to switch to a new professional path, in the fashion and retail industry""Having originally graduated with a degree in Information and Communication, I started my career in media, working for almost 10 years with a press group. At 35, I felt the desire to switch to a new career path, in the fashion and retail industry. To do that, I entered the IFM (French Fashion Institute) and later had the incredible opportunity to join Printemps’ Marketing Department. Three years ago, I made the most of the internal mobility opportunities here and joined the Purchasing Department. I wanted to be closer to the products themselves and really get to know the day-to-day commercial reality of the brands and the department store."


"I manage a portfolio of more than 100 brands"

"In my designated market, I’m responsible for our portfolio’s performance in terms of image, positioning and results.

In this line of business, there are two different periods—the seasonal purchasing period, short and intense, and the daily operational management. During the latter, I must make sure that everything is put in place to optimise sales revenue. To achieve this, I monitor and analyse many indicators such as available stock, restocking, marketing investments and sales representatives.

During the purchasing periods, I run from showroom to showroom to order items from new collections with a previously defined budget. It is also the perfect time to discover emerging brands and identify those we could potentially showcase the following season."


"Printemps in one word—enchantment!""When I think about Printemps, I think about the beautiful season of rebirth but also about the children’s sparkling eyes in front of the store’s displays during Christmas time. Printemps has a cultural heritage that is really unique in this business."


"My mother—who still works as a lead seamstress for a luxury maison today—passed on her passion for materials, clothes and, especially, details to me!"

"Machines, fabrics and thread reels have been part of my life since childhood. After 10 years in the media, I now run into my mother in this business. She’s in the ateliers or behind the scenes at a runway show and I am on the purchasing side. We both love discussing the latest trends and styles."