After Elvira Masson and Héloïse Brion, aka Miss Maggie’s Kitchen, the Bleu Coupole restaurant at Printemps Haussmann is celebrating its first anniversary alongside Joey Starr, with an exclusive and inventive menu under the leadership of Clément Blondeau, the Executive Chef at Printemps.

It was originally in Christmas 2021 that JoeyStarr revealed his radical passion for cuisine, everyday food items and, above all, his eagerness to meet and highlight all the artisans and producers who work hard every day to create a living, engaging and shared cuisine.

In 2022, with more than twenty friends who share his passion, he produced and editing Bistronomik, a guide presenting nearly 100 recipes and listing 100 of the top restaurants in destinations like Paris, Martinique, and the Basque Country. With Bleu Coupole, Joey Starr is lending the cuisine he loves to a restaurant for the first time, and it’s available starting June 15, 2023 on Floor 6 of Printemps de la Femme.

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