After introducing fabric pouches for its bed linen and cardboard fasteners for its jewellery, the house brand Au Printemps Paris continues its waste reduction initiative and unveils a new 100% recycled shopping bag!
The Au Printemps Paris house brand has unveiled a new, 100% sustainable shopping bag, made of recycled polyester fibres from plastic bottles (one bag is equivalent to six plastic bottles). This reusable and useful bag, both meaningful and valuable, is on sale in stores at a price of €9.50.
As part of this project, Printemps sought the expertise of the company Les Tissages de Charlieu. Located in the Loire, this French company has been awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company) state label and subcontracts part of its production to an ESAT solidarity network that helps people with disabilities find gainful employment.

The recycled fibre is European, both in terms of the spinning and the collection of the bottles, and is GRS (Global Recycling Standard) certified by an independent organisation, guaranteeing its traceability. In addition, the product is made using jacquard weaving, which preserves French know-how, while avoiding printing and polluting inks.

Easy to carry, it folds into its interior pocket in a snap. It is an excellent alternative to paper bags at the checkout.

Au Printemps Paris’ 100% recycled bag :


  • Is a reusable product that enhances French know-how
  • Enables a reduced carbon impact by favouring a short production circuit
  • Provides 4.5 months of full-time equivalent employment on French territory (700 hours for the production of the entire run of bags)

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