Printemps unveils its new hybrid spaces

With its renovation, Printemps has worked to provide new hybrid spaces to its customers. 

Certain spaces alternate between experiences & retail, such as the Bleu Couple restaurant, which shares the Wybo cupola with La Plage, a pop-up multi-brand market space, or Café Vert, a green cafe where plants intermingle with coffee beans. Other spaces combine spectacle & trends with the panoramic view from the 7éme Ciel terrace, the climbing wall at Au Vieux Campeur and the Machi Machi bubble tea cafe. 

In line with its values, Printemps is also dedicating spaces to nurturing the talents of tomorrow, from Ready Up, its fashion and design campus, to emerging green beauty brands associated with the La Beauté en Herbe program. To embrace new consumer habits, Printemps developed a space dedicated to international designers with L’Endroit and a cocooning space with Tout Doux.

As a pioneer of new trends, Printemps made a point of spotlighting the latest trends with its spaces dedicated to beauty, such as BeautyFood and Face2Une. Alongside new items, the department store is continuing to amplify the circular economy and, after opening the 7ème Ciel space last September, is now launching Hors Saison, a space devoted to off season goods. 

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