Printemps is introducing a new 100% Printemps buyback service, called "Second Printemps", available in the 7ème Ciel “7th Heaven” space at Printemps Haussmann.

Developed in partnership with the Freepry solution, this new service offers immediate buyback of items that customers no longer wear in return for a Printemps gift card, redeemable on all products at all Printemps locations or at its restaurants. 

Immediate buyback of garments and accessories that customers no longer wear. 

After confirming eligibility of the customer’s items, the buyback process takes place in 3 easy steps:



1.    An appraisal and buyback price are offered within 72 hours.


2.    After agreement, a gift card for the appraised value, redeemable at all Printemps locations, is issued.


3.   The resold item will get a second life, first on the Pont d’Argent displays and then in the wardrobe of its new owner.

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