Printemps employees featured in new communications campaign

Printemps loves who you are. In the run-up to the launch of the new online shop for luxury and designer goods at, 10 Printemps employees were selected from more than 2,000 applicants to embody a new campaign currently on display in Printemps Haussmann’s windows and across social media. 

As part of Printemps’ new sales campaign, 2,245 people took part in a national casting call launched in late September 2019 among all Printemps France employees and our Instagram community.

Of the 35 selected profiles, 10 Printemps employees were chosen for their great personalities. They were then interviewed and photographed over the course of a unique day, which included having casts made of their faces, an interview about their personality and a professional photo shoot. 

Discover them now in Printemps Haussmann’s window displays, on store mannequins and in videos on @printempsofficial, or by searching the hashtag #PrintempsLovesYou.

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