Printemps is pursuing innovative training initiatives with Printemps Academy. On September 10, the certification ceremony took place for the Fashion Expert training course open to Paris employees, in partnership with ESMOD International. 
The event was attended by the Printemps Academy team, as well as Véronique Beaumont, Managing Director of ESMOD International, together with two instructors and Satoru Nino, Chairman of ESMOD International. Jean-Marc Bellaiche, CEO of Printemps Group, also gave a speech to congratulate each newly certified expert
To obtain this certificate, the Fashion Experts completed a “blended-learning” training course, including a joint evaluation by instructors from ESMOD and Printemps Academy. 
In addition, 3 students in the final year of the Fashion Design program presented their collections for the first time to the Fashion Experts, while explaining their Responsible Design concept. 
A total of 12 Fashion Experts received the certification. 

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