Printemps is revealing the Incredible Elf Workshop for Operation Christmas. This year, an animated movie will tell the Printemps Christmas story called “"L’Incroyable Fabrique des Lutins” (L’Incroyable Fabrique des Lutins) Co-created in partnership with an animation studio, the movie will be shown in all Printemps stores, on and across all social media accounts.


The Boulevard Haussmann will light up with its thematic window displays, while the atrium will feature a giant surrealist checkboard presented by Prada as a sneak peek at its exclusive offer. 

Joli Cadeau, a new concept in the women’s department on the ground floor of the Printemps Huassmann store, will be decked out in the colors of the Incredible Elf Workshop and present a selection of lifestyle products aligned with the latest trends in decoration, DIY, high-tech, food, accessories, gemology and more, including hundreds of exclusive products. 

The Chefs at Printemps du Goût will serve up exclusive Christmas-themed dishes and desserts at Printemps Haussmann. From the “Gâteau de St Jacques" offered by La Reine Mer and the "Lettres au Père Noël" yule log cake prepared by Nina Métayer, Printemps du Goût will delight the tastebuds with sophisticated dishes and gourmet desserts. 

Discover the pop-up factory where Santa's elves are working day and night to keep the magic of Christmas alive, by creating an array of gifts adapted to all budgets and tastes. Marvel at this dynamic performance and fill your stockings as these mischievous creatures perform pranks, magic tricks and surprises of all kinds.


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